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14 Day Probiotic Detox Tea


14 Day Probiotic Detox Tea

Reap the benefits of Probiotic Detox Tea.

The term “probiotic” originates from a Greek term meaning, “For Life.” These friendly bacteria are often associated with healthy digestion. There are many health benefits to taking a probiotic. Aids digestion, safeguards against digestion, strengths the immune system, reduces allergies, promotes women's health. Not only are you kick-starting your body with detox tea, you are adding the health benefits of a probiotic.

The Morning Tea will get you going in the morning. It gives you energy and burns fat.

Ingredients include; China green tea, SA Rooibos, ginseng roots, linden blossom, rose petals, lemon, orange granule, orange, natural orange flavour, Bacillus Caogulans GBI-30 6086

The Evening Tea will help detox your body and help aid digestion.

Ingredients include; organic holy basil (tulsi), organic spearmint, organic rose hips, organic lemon myrtle, organic linden blossoms, organic ginger root, Bacillus Caogulans GBI-30 6086